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  • Fishing boat at low tide - sundial

    Fishing boat at low tide - sundial

    Shot taken in Bay of Morlaix in North Brittany. At low tide I notice this fishing boat that was half a mile away from the road. I decided to take off and fly above it: What a surprise! The boat and its keel tide after tide made “prints” in the mud to create some kind of Sundial…
  • Former salt marshes in Brittany

    Former salt marshes in Brittany

    Shot taken in the Sarzeau peninsula in South Brittany in France. The area was once famous for its salt marshes before becoming a tourist spot. Marshes are not visible from the ground but once airborne they offer loads of surprises to the drone pilot and aerial photographers!
  • Govehan island in Brittany

    Govehan island in Brittany

    Shot taken in the Gulf of Morbihan: Mobihan in Breton language means “the small inland sea” and this is exactly what it is! The gulf comprises of dozens of islands like this one and is sheltered from the Atlantic Ocean by the peninsula of Rhuys but a 1 km long gap between Port-Navalo and Kerpenhir lets the water in and out. Because this gap is narrow, the tidal currents are strong and water speeds can reach up to 9.4 knots.
  • Leith Hill

    Leith Hill

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