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Going after the ice dragon skull
Going after the ice dragon skull

3h30am A few minutes later with more of the first sun rays - For a few minutes the drone was not in panic mode so I did a vertical 3 shots panorama (Phantom 4 pro). I always like how we discover the world from above. The arch is completely different with that angle.
Our @rusarc sailing ship is visible on that shot on the bottom going through the ice

La cascade du glacier
La cascade du glacier

Salon International de Pessac 2017 - Nature
6/10 - 8/10 - 9/10 = 23/30 Accepté (A=21)

French Digital Tour 2017 - Couleur
Legé - 11.3/20 (A=12)
Saint Aignan de Cramesnil - 11.7/20 (A=14.7)
Saint Martin de Crau - 9.7/20 (A=10.7)
Bagnols Marcoule - 12.3/20 (A=13.7)

Dark time
Dark time

ISO 2016

Festival International Photographique de La Gacilly 2017 - Libre
12-12-13 - 12.3/20 (A=14)

French Digital Tour 2017 - Couleur
Legé - 11/20 (A=12)
Saint Aignan de Cramesnil - 11.3/20 (A=14.7)
Saint Martin de Crau - 9.3/20 (A=10.7)
Bagnols Marcoule - 13/20 (A=13.7)

L'orage approche
L'orage approche

Camera Luxembourg 2016 : accepté 17/24 (A=17)